Duplicating a Task

When you duplicate a task in Data Integration, a copy of the task is created in the same project or folder.

  1. Open the project or folder that contains the task that you want to duplicate.

    For the steps to open the details page of a project or folder, see Viewing the Details of a Project and Viewing the Details of a Folder.

  2. On the project or folder details page, click Tasks.
  3. In the list of tasks, select Duplicate from the Actions menu of the task.
  4. In the Duplicate task dialog box, enter a name or use the default name for the duplicated task.

    The identifier is a system-generated value based on the name You can change the identifier value, but after you create the duplicate task, you can't update the identifier.

  5. Click Duplicate.

    The duplicated task is listed in the Tasks list.

You can move the duplicated task to another project or folder, if needed. See Moving a Task.