Activity Auditing Reports

An Activity Auditing job generates reports that you can access from the Reports tab. The reports track general database activities, such as audited SQL statements, application access activities, and user login activities, as well as Oracle Data Safe activities.

The following table describes the audit reports.

Report Name Description
Audit Summary Graphical report that shows a summary of events collected and alerts raised. You can gain an understanding of the activity trends for one or more of your target databases.
All Activity All audited activities
Admin Activity Activities by administrative users
User/Entitlement Changes User creation/deletion/privilege and role changes
Audit Policy Changes All changes in audit policies
Login Activity Database login attempts
Data Access Database query operations
Data Modification Data modification activities (DMLs)
Database Schema Changes Database schema changes (DDLs)
Data Safe Activity Activity generated by the Oracle Data Safe service.
Database Vault Activity Auditable activities of enabled Oracle Database Vault policies in target databases, including mandatory Database Vault configuration changes, realm violations, and command rule violations.