Random Digits


The Random Digits masking format generates random digits of length within a range. It pads to the appropriate length in a string, but does not pad when used for a number column. This format is a complementary type of Random Number, which is not padded.


  • Start Length: The minimum number of digits each masked value should have
  • End Length: The maximum number of digits each masked value should have

Supported Data Types

  • Character
  • Numeric


  • Combinable: Yes
  • Deterministic: No
  • Reversible: No
  • Uniqueness: Yes, however, if you do not specify a sufficient length range, you can run out of unique values within the range.


For a random digit with a length of [5,5], an integer from zero through 99999 is randomly generated and left padded with zeros to satisfy the length and uniqueness requirement.