Enable Database Management for External Databases

Before you enable Database Management for External Databases, you must:

To enable Database Management for External Databases:

  1. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console.
  2. At the top of the page, ensure that the region in which you want to enable Database Management is selected.

    Cross-region monitoring and management of Oracle Databases is not available.
  3. Open the navigation menu, click Oracle Database, and then click External Database.
  4. On the left pane on the External Database page, select the Oracle Database type and the compartment in which it resides.

    If you're enabling Database Management for a PDB, you must first enable it for the corresponding CDB.
  5. Click the name of the Oracle Database for which you want to enable Database Management, in the Display name column.
    The External <Database Type> Details page is displayed.
  6. Under Associated Services, click Enable next to Database Management.
  7. In the Enable Database Management dialog box, review the billing information, select an External Database connector from the drop-down list, select a license type, and click Enable.

    • The Bring Your Own License (BYOL) subscription does not apply to the Oracle Database Standard Edition.
    • If you're enabling Database Management for a PDB, you don't have to select a license type as it's inherited from the CDB.

    For information on the BYOL subscription, see About Bring Your Own License Subscriptions.

You can verify if Database Management is successfully enabled on the following pages:

  • Database Management Administration page: Select the compartment in which your External Database resides and select the External option in the Deployment Type drop-down list. After Database Management is enabled, the External Database is listed as a Managed Database.
  • External <Database Type> Details page of the External Database service: Select Metrics on the left pane under Resources and check if the database metrics are displayed.