Overview of Backing Up a Database

Backing up your DB system is a key aspect of any Oracle database environment. You can store backups in the cloud or in local storage. Each backup destination has advantages, disadvantages, and requirements that you should consider, as described below.

Object Storage (Recommended)

  • Backups are stored in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage.
  • Durability: High
  • Availability: High
  • Back Up and Recovery Rate: Medium
  • Advantages: High durability, performance, and availability.

Local Storage

  • Backups are stored locally in the Fast Recovery Area of the DB System.
  • Durability: Low
  • Availability: Medium
  • Back Up and Recovery Rate: High
  • Advantages: Optimized back up and fast point-in-time recovery.
  • Disadvantages: If the DB System becomes unavailable, the backup is also unavailable.

Currently, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure does not provide the ability to attach block storage volumes to a DB System, so you cannot back up to network attached volumes.

For 1- and 2-node RAC DB Systems, see: