Map the IDCS and IAM Groups

Map your instance administrator group in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure IAM to your previously created IDCS group.

Does not use identity domains This topic applies only to tenancies that do not use identity domains. See Differences Between Tenancies With and Without Identity Domains.

  1. Open the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure navigation menu and click Identity & Security. Under Identity, click Federation.
  2. On the Federation page, select the OracleIdentityCloudService link.
  3. From the Resources options, choose Group Mapping.
  4. Click Edit Mapping.
  5. In the Edit Identity Provider dialog, click Add Mapping at the bottom.
    1. If the following dialog appears prompting you to provide credentials, enter this information from the COMPUTEBAREMETAL IDCS application in your IDCS account. This dialog indicates that your tenancy is mostly federated and requires only this final step. See Understand Oracle Integration Federation. (If you aren't able to locate this information, file a service request to get help from Oracle Support.)
    2. Click Continue.
  6. Select your IDCS group in the Identity Provider Group field and your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure group in the OCI Group field.
  7. Click Submit.