Contact My Oracle Support

If you’ve purchased Oracle Cloud services, then use My Oracle Support (MOS) to log your service requests. My Oracle Support enables you to track your requests and reach out to relevant support teams who can prioritize and resolve your requests faster.

Log in to My Oracle Support to log your service requests and get help. You must have an account to sign in to My Oracle Support. Create an account if you don't have one already. See Get an Account.

Instructions on filing a service request are available on the My Oracle Support page. Follow the instructions to create a service request.


Use the CSI number and register it with My Oracle Support when logging a service request. This enables the system to identify you and process your request accordingly.

If you’re a new user, the system prompts you to enter your CSI number when signing in to My Oracle Support. See Get Your CSI Number.

If you’re an existing user, ensure that you register your CSI number with My Oracle Support. See Register Your CSI Number.

Alternate methods of contacting My Oracle Support:
  • Use the link in your welcome email to contact My Oracle Support.

  • Click Contact Us from any page in the Oracle Cloud Website and select Technical Support.

  • If you’ve already logged in to Infrastructure Classic Console or Applications Console, click Help help icon from the top of Infrastructure Classic Console or Applications Console and select either Create Service Request or Technical Support.