About Java Management Service

Java Management Service (JMS ) is a reporting and management infrastructure integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Platform services to observe and manage your use of Java SE (on-premise or in the Cloud).

As the stewards of Java, Oracle uniquely leverages its expertise to help enterprises gain critical insights into Java application behavior, compliance, and performance through Fleet Management and equips you to:
  • Use insights from JMS to optimize your workloads across your enterprise (desktop, server, cloud); and
  • Protect your Java SE investments by identifying outdated Java installations, unauthorized applications, and Java runtime and application mismatches. For example, your application is using JDK 11, but you learn it's also using JDK 14, which is no longer supported.

In addition to Fleet Management, JMS empowers you to optimize your Java environment with the Java Download capability. Easily access and deploy the latest Java readily using script friendly download commands of Java Download. This ensures your applications run on the most secure and latest Java version, reducing the exposure to potential security vulnerabilities.