Known Issues for Onboarding wizard

The following known issues are associated for the Onboarding wizard:

  1. The Onboarding wizard creates default OCI resources (user group, dynamic group, compartment and policies) similar to those described in Setting Up Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Fleets). If you require customized resources, then adapt the instructions in that section.
  2. The Onboarding wizard might mistakenly identify your tenancy as incorrectly configured if you have created customized OCI resources manually.
  3. The policies created by the Onboarding wizard will be invalid If you delete the OCI user group or dynamic group resources created by the Onboarding wizard and then recreate them manually. To work around this, you must also delete the policies and recreate them manually.
  4. The Onboarding wizard will duplicate OCI resources if the compartment it created is deleted, and subsequently, the wizard is run for a second time.
  5. The fleet compartment doesn't show up after running the JMS Fleets prerequisite setup. To see the changes, you'll need to refresh the page or log off and then log in again.