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Add Tags to Logging Analytics Resources

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Tagging allows you to add metadata to resources, which enables you to define keys and values and associate them with resources. Tag your Logging Analytics resources such as log sources, parsers, entities, saved searches, scheduled tasks, log groups, fields, labels, uploads, and storage to organize and list them based on your business needs.

To learn more about tagging concepts, required permission for working with tags, tag limits, tag variables, using tags to manage access, and managing tags and tag namespaces, see Tagging Overview in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation.

Move Logging Analytics Resources Between Compartments

You can move Logging Analytics resources such as entities, log groups, and saved searches from one compartment to another.


  • Ensure that you have the required access permissions on the destination compartment to perform the Logging Analytics operations before you move the resources. After you move the resource to the new compartment, inherent policies apply immediately and affect access to the resource.

  • When you move a Logging Analytics resource to a new compartment, the associated resources might not move.

See Working with Compartments in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation.

Monitor Logging Analytics Using Service Metrics

Use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring service metrics to monitor Logging Analytics

The service metrics are specific to your region and give you the visibility on the overall service performance. You can view these metrics in the service overview page and can also configure alarms using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure alarm features to get notifications when thresholds are crossed.

For information in monitoring concepts and steps to access Monitoring service metrics, see Monitoring Overview in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation.

The following metrics are currently available, and more metrics are being added for the service shortly:

Metrics Name Unit Interval Description

Active Storage Used


1 Hour

Size of the log data in active storage which is available for analysis.

View Agent Collection Warnings

Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics lets you view the warning messages generated during log collection using the management agent. This helps you to diagnose problems with the sources or entities and to take corrective action.

After the cause of a collection warning is addressed, it is cleared from the list and will not be reported.

Following are the types of collection warning messages that are displayed:

  • Connection Identifier Is Empty

  • Credential Can Not Be Accessed

  • Credential Corrupted

  • Credential Is Not Enabled

  • Credential Not Found

  • Credential Store Not Found

  • Database Connection Can Not Be Established

  • Invalid Sequence Column

  • Cannot read file

  • Agent Configured to Monitor Too Many Files

  • Missing File Permission

  • File not found

  • Cannot Open Port

  • Too Many Historic Files

  • SQL Query Execution Error

View Agent Collection Warnings Details

  1. From Logging Analytics, click Administration. The Administration Overview page opens.

  2. In the left navigation pane, under Resources, click Agent Collection Warnings.

    The Agent Collection Warnings page opens. This displays the list of warnings generated while collecting logs on the agent side.

    Use the multiple filters available in the left pane like Start Date, End Date, Entity Type, Source, Warning Message, and Warning State to narrow down your search for the warning messages.

    The Start Date and End Date filters use the First Reported information of the warning message to help in filtering.

    The Source Pattern that is displayed adjacent to the warning message is the one which is associated with the problem among the multiple patterns defined for that source.

    Hover the cursor on the warning message to view more details about the warning.

  3. Optionally, you can hide a warning if you want to temporarily ignore it and address it at a later point in time. Click Actions Actions menu icon > click Hide.

    Alternatively, you can select multiple warnings and hide them using the Hide Warnings button. Use the Warning State filter in the left navigation pane to view the hidden warning messages. You can move the hidden warnings back to the active list by using the Actions Actions menu icon and clicking Unhide.

  4. Additionally, in response to a warning, if you want to remove the association between its entity and source, then click Actions Actions menu icon > click Remove Association. The management agent stops collecting logs from that source and entity after removing the association. Then, the warning gets automatically cleared.

View Agent Collection Warnings in Entity Detail or Source Detail Page

  1. For steps to access the Entities page or Sources page from Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics, see Administration Guide.

  2. Click the name of the <resource> whose warning information you want to view. The <resource> can be an Entity or a Source.

    The <resource> Detail page is displayed.

  3. Click Agent Collection Warnings in the Resources section.

    The warnings summary corresponding to the <resource> is displayed. If you are viewing the warnings for the source, then you can see the associated entity and the entity type in the warnings summary. If you are viewing the warnings for the entity, then you can see the associated source in the summary.

As in the case of Agent Collection Warnings page, you can hide or unhide the warnings, and remove association between the source and entity. For more information, see View Agent Collection Warnings Details.

Use the filters in the left navigation pane to narrow down your search for the warning messages.