Administration Guide

Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics offers hundreds of Oracle-defined sources and parsers that you can directly use without creating custom ones. To collect logs of a format which doesn't have an Oracle-defined source or parser, you can create custom source or parser. To create custom source or parser, you must have set up the required IAM permissions. See Enable Access to Logging Analytics and Its Resources.

You can access the administration resources in multiple ways.

Open the navigation menu and click Observability & Management. Under Logging Analytics, click Administration. The Administration Overview page opens.

  • Under the <resource> section, click on the count of the <resource> to open the page of the <resource> where you can perform other actions like View, Create, or Edit. For example, under Parsers section, click the count of the parsers to open the Parsers page.

  • The administration resources are listed in the left hand navigation pane under Resources. Click the link corresponding to your resource to open the page of the resource where you can perform other actions like View, Create, or Edit.

If you have previously exported source or parser content from Oracle Management Cloud or another instance of Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics, then you can import the definition file. See Import Configuration Content.