Adding a HeatWave Cluster

Add a HeatWave cluster to shapes that support HeatWave. When you add a HeatWave cluster to a high availability DB system, the HeatWave cluster adds to the primary MySQL instance.

Using the Console

Use the Console to add a HeatWave cluster to the MySQL DB system.

This task requires the following:
  • A DB system with HeatWave supported shapes. For data sets of 10 TB or more, it is recommended to use MySQL.HeatWave.BM.Standard.E3 or MySQL.HeatWave.BM.Standard shape. See Supported Shapes.
Do the following to add a HeatWave cluster to an existing MySQL DB system:

If you encounter OutOfHostCapacity work request error while adding a HeatWave cluster to a DB system, see Resolving OutOfHostCapacity Error.
  1. Open the navigation menu and select Databases. Under MySQL HeatWave, click DB systems.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Choose Add HeatWave cluster from the Actions menu on the same line as your DB system.
    • Click the name of the DB system to open the DB system details page. Select HeatWave from the Resources list. Under HeatWave cluster information frame, select Add HeatWave cluster.
    • Click the name of the DB system to open the DB system details page. Click More actions, and select Add HeatWave cluster.
  3. On the Add HeatWave cluster panel, do the following:
    • Select a shape: Select the shape for the HeatWave nodes. Click Change shape to select a shape for the HeatWave nodes. You cannot select MySQL.HeatWave.BM.* shapes for a HeatWave node. See Supported Shapes.
    • Node : Specify the number of HeatWave nodes to create. A minimum of 1 is supported and a maximum of 64 nodes are supported. If you enable Lakehouse, a maximum of 512 nodes are supported.
    • MySQL HeatWave lakehouse: Enable query processing on the data residing in Object Storage. HeatWave Lakehouse is supported on the MySQL.HeatWave.VM.Standard and HeatWave.512GB shapes only. Also, you must disable point-in-time recovery, high availability, read replicas, and outbound replication. See MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse.
    • Estimate node count: (Optional) Click it to estimate the number of nodes required based on the shape you selected and the size of your data. See Generating a Node Count Estimate.
  4. Click Add HeatWave cluster .