Checking the State of a DB System

The color of the icon and the associated text in the DB system state column indicate the state of a DB system.

Using the Console

Use the Console to check the state of a MySQL DB system.

  1. Open the navigation menu, and select Databases. Under HeatWave, click DB systems.
  2. Choose your compartment from the List scope.
  3. In the list of DB systems, find the required DB system, and check the icon in the DB system state column. See DB System States.

DB System States

Check the DB system state column to view the state of a DB system.

Table 8-1 DB System States

DB System State Description
Deleted The DB system is deleted and is no longer available.
Failed An error condition prevented the creation or continued operation of the DB system.
Creating The DB system is reserving resources, booting, and creating the initial database. Provisioning can take several minutes. You cannot use the system yet.
Deleting The DB system is being deleted by the terminate action in the Console or API.
Inactive The DB system is powered off by the stop or reboot action in the Console or API.

The automatic backup schedule continues to backup your DB system even when it is in an inactive state. Also, you can create a manual backup of an inactive DB system.
Updating The DB system is starting, stopping, restarting, or updating a replication channel associated with the DB system.
Active The DB system is successfully created.