Monitoring Channel Metrics

Use the Console to view and monitor the channel metrics. You can create or edit a metric query, and create an alarm on the query. Queries actively monitor the metrics while alarms passively monitor the metrics.

Using the Console

Use the Console to monitor channel metrics.

  1. Open the navigation menu and select Databases. Under HeatWave, click DB systems.
  2. Choose your compartment from the List scope.
  3. In the list of DB systems, find your DB system, and click the name of the DB system to open the DB system details page.
  4. Select Metrics from the Resources list.
  5. In the Metrics data filter, select Channel to filter and view the channel metrics.
  6. (Optional) To edit and create a query on a metric, click Options, and then select View query in Metrics Explorer. See Building Metric Queries.
  7. (Optional) To create an alarm on the query, click Options, and then select Create an alarm on this query. See Managing Alarms.

Channel Metrics

Monitor the channel metrics to check the health and performance of the replication channel.

Table 13-5 Channel Metrics

Metric Description
Inbound channel lag The channel lag (in ms), with respect to the immediate source of the channel, observed over the last interval. If the channel is configured with replication delay, the channel lag includes the replication delay.
Inbound channel failure The channel health status observed over the last interval. One of the following values:
  • 0 - HEALTHY
  • 1 - FAILED
To troubleshoot inbound replication failure, see Troubleshooting Inbound Replication.