ADDM Spotlight in Ops Insights

Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) is an expert system that analyzes data captured in the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) snapshots to review performance analysis.

Ops Insights harvests ADDM data from your source databases and highlights these findings and recommendations. Ops Insights harvests and stores ADDM data for a duration longer than the event itself, providing you with the ability to analyze ADDM findings and recommendations for a collection of events into the past which may no longer exist in the source database.

This topic cover the follwing:

Supported Versions

ADDM Spotlight supports Virtual Machine, Bare Metal, databases managed by Management Agent, non PDB databases version 18c and above, and shared Autonomous Databases configured for Full Feature Support.
  • Virtual Machine
  • Bare Metal
  • Databases managed by Management Agent
  • Databases managed by Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 5 Release Update 17 ( or higher
  • Non-PDB databases version 18c and above
  • Shared Autonomous Databases configured for Full Feature Support
  • PDBs version 19c and above (not enabled by default, see prerequisites below)

Database Prerequisites

The following is a list of prerequisites required for different database types in order for ADDM Spotlight to collect and present data.
  • PDB: A one time set of steps needs be performed in order to enable ADDM Spotlight in PDBs, these steps do not require a database restart. Log in to the PDB to be enabled as SYS and execute the following statements:
    1. alter session set container=<container_name>;
    3. EXEC dbms_workload_repository.modify_snapshot_settings(interval=>60);
  • Virtual Machine, Bare Metal, ExaDB Databases, and Management Agent managed databases: If the DBSNMP database user is used to collect the data, then no additional steps are required. If another database user is used to collect data, log in to the databases to be enabled as SYS and add the following grant to the database user used in order to collect data.
    • If a common database user (shared between the CDB and PDBs) is being used for monitoring, run the following from the root container: grant select any dictionary to <dbuser> CONTAINER=ALL;
    • If non-common database users are used: grant select any dictionary to <dbuser>;
  • Shared Autonomous Databases: if a user other than ADBSNMP is used to collect data. Log into the database to be enabled for ADDM Spotlight as ADMIN and run the following grant to the user used to collect the data: grant SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE to <dbuser>;.

    If the ADBSNMP database user is used to collect the data no additional prerequisites are required.