Analyze Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) Performance Data

The Operations Insights AWR Hub lets you consolidate and store detailed performance data from the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) of your important Oracle Databases. This consolidated AWR Hub allows you to view and analyze historical performance data beyond the AWR retention period of the source database.

Operations Insights extracts data from one or more source database targets and transfers it into the AWR Hub Warehouse, which is maintained independent of the source databases. The AWR Hub lets you keep a long-term history of AWR data from the selected database targets. This enables long-term analysis of AWR data across databases without performance or storage impact on the source database targets. Therefore, by uploading AWR data to a centralized AWR Hub, you can free up space and improve performance on your source production systems.

To handle AWR data from multiple databases, Operations Insights provides AWR Hub, a cloud-based repository which collects and consolidates AWR snapshots from multiple databases in your OCI tenancy. The snapshots from source databases are retained for 25 months.