Analyze Host Resources

Ops Insights lets you view and analyze utilization trends for critical host resources such as CPU, memory, network, and storage. You can also analyze, compare, and contrast resource usage across hosts.

Using this application, you can:

  • Group host specifications to show a breakdown of resource utilization by operating system.
  • Identify a server’s capacity and utilization of resources. For example, high utilization is a warning to consider increasing the server’s allocated resources to avoid negatively affecting the server’s performance.
  • Conduct a time-series analysis and view the trend of resource utilization of your server targets, and forecast values for a specific time period.
  • View the aggregate of CPU, memory, storage, and network utilization for a specific time period.
  • Identify the top server targets by a specific attribute. For example, you can group targets by operating system, or utilization level.
  • Conduct a categorical analysis to identify on which days a server has performed better or worse than others.
  • Set up Auto-enable to allow Ops Insights to automatically add new compute instances whenever they are added into a host or tenancy. Auto-enable will also listen for deletion events and remove instances when deleted.
  • Review unallocated storage within the Trend and Forecast chart in Host Capacity Planning, this will show all the disks in the host that have unallocated space.
  • Set up Burstable Instances for compatible compute instances. This allows you to create an instance with a pre-defined burst capacity of 12.5% or 50%, instead of a full capacity. Instances can then burst and use the defined burst capacity available over the baseline as needed. Allowing you to pay only for the baseline, and still run some processes that can spike the CPU usage. For more information see: Burstable Instances.


Host targets onboarded via Oracle Base Database or Exadata Database Service on Dedicated Infrastructure into OPSI (including: Oracle Base Database Virtual Machine host, Oracle Base Database Bare Metal host, and Exadata Database - Dedicated host) currently do not support Network or Storage metrics for hosts, as well as top processes collections.

A Collection Issues widget will appear under Hosts if there are any host resources experiencing collection issues. Click on the widget to navigate to the hosts Collection Issues dashboard.

For Host Explorer related data objects see: Data Object Explorers.