Accelerated Data Science 2.7.3 is released

The following changes were made in ADS 2.7.3:

  • Added support for the model version set feature.

  • Added --job-info option to ads opctl run CLI to save job run information to a YAML file.

  • Added the AuthContext class. It supports API key configuration, resource principal, and instance principal authentication. In addition, predefined signers, callable signers, or API keys configurations from specified locations.

  • Added restart_deployment() method to the framework-specific classes. Update model deployment associated with the model.

  • Added activate() and deactivate() method to the model deployment classes.

  • Fixed a bug in to_sql(). The string length for the column created in Oracle Database table was counting characters, not bytes.

  • Fixed a bug where any exception that occurred in a notebook cell printed “ADS Exception” even if the ADS code was not responsible for the error.

For more information, see Data Science and take a look at our Data Science blog.