APM Java Agent and Tracer Version 1.11 are Now Available

APM Java Agent and Tracer version 1.11 are available with the following new features:

  1. Support for additional application server versions. APM now supports monitoring the following application server versions: Tomcat 10, TomEE 9, JBoss 8, Wildfly 27-28 & Jetty 10-11.
  2. Jakarta support: J2EE technologies based on Jakarta package APIs are now monitored.
  3. JAX RS client libraries: Support for monitoring Apache CXF, RestEasy and Jersey.
  4. AsyncServlet support: Asynchronous Servlet calls are now also monitored and correlated to downstream calls.
  5. Capture SOA subcomponent information: When SOA spans are generated, the subcomponent that generated the span is now captured as a span dimension called Subcomponent. For information, see About Trace and Span Attributes.
  6. The automatic username capture behavior has changed. All usernames will be hashed to meet PII requirements in some regions. To capture the username in plain text, add track_plain_username: true to the ProbeConfig.acml file.  
  7. New Oracle E-Business Suite dimensions: E-Business Suite information is now capture using new dimensions available. For details, see Oracle E-Business Suite Dimensions in Available Metrics: oracle_apm_monitoring for APM Java Agent.
  8. JDBC span names now consist of the SQL operation (such as select, insert, update, or delete) and the db identifier (e.g., myhost.com:1521/orcl). The SQL text is still available from the DbStatement dimension.
  9. Agent-Cloud connection diagnostics: You can now use AgentConnect to diagnose connectivity issues between the APM Agent and its associated upload cloud endpoint. For information, see Check network connectivity using AgentConnect.