Compute Cloud@Customer introduces new features

A new release of Compute Cloud@Customer is now available with the following new features:

  • Container Engine for Kubernetes

Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) is a scalable, highly available service that can be used to deploy any containerized application to the cloud. OKE uses Cluster API Provider (CAPI) and Cluster API Provider for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (CAPOCI) to orchestrate the cluster on the Private Cloud Appliance. OKE uses Kubernetes, the open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications across clusters of hosts. See Container Engine for Kubernetes on Compute Cloud@Customer.

  • Instance Principals

An instance principal is a compute instance that is authorized to perform actions on service resources. Applications running on an instance principal can call services and manage resources similar to the way Compute Cloud@Customer users call services to manage resources. The instance is a principal actor just as a user is a principal actor. When you use instance principals, you do not need to configure user credentials or a configuration file. To grant authorizations to an instance principal, include the instance as a member of a dynamic group. See to Configuring Instances for Calling Services.

  • New Platform Images

The following platform images are available for creating instances and OKE instances. See Compute Cloud@Customer Platform Images.

Oracle Linux 9 -- uln-pca-Oracle-Linux-9-2023.09.26_0.oci

Oracle Linux 8 -- uln-pca-Oracle-Linux-8-2023.09.26_0.oci

Oracle Linux 7.9 -- uln-pca-Oracle-Linux-7.9-2023.09.26_0.oci

Oracle Solaris 11.4 -- uln-pca-Oracle-Solaris-11-2023.10.16_0.oci

Container Engine for Kubernetes:




  • Networking Enhancement

DRGv1+ provides VRF/VLAN backed isolation for network traffic when using a dynamic routing gateway (DRG).