APM Synthetic Monitoring New Release Available

A new release of APM Synthetic Monitoring is now available with the following features:

  • On-Premise Vantage Points: You can use On-Premise Vantage Point (OPVP) to monitor applications within any environment, either within your on-premise environment or secured cloud environment in cases where the available public vantage points cannot access them.

You can create your OPVP using Docker or Kubernetes deployments, by simply downloading the required images from the APM console and create the setup instructions through the setup wizard to create the Vantage Point. For details, see Use On-Premise Vantage Points.

  • DNS monitor: A new monitor type available in Synthetic Monitoring. You can use a DNS monitor to test the availability of DNS servers and/or its delegation to the correct authoritative servers for multiple DNS records. This is vital to monitor if your DNS records are resolved correctly and are performant. For details, see Create a Monitor.