Getting Started

Stack Monitoring provides an automated process to create the necessary groups and polices to make getting started easy. If your organization has special requirements or you wish to use a custom configuration, see Service Requirements for a detailed list of groups and policies required to use Stack Monitoring.

Before you can use the Stack Monitoring service, you must ensure that your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment is setup correctly to allow communication between the different components and services. This section explains the steps to set up Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Stack Monitoring.

Follow these steps to set up your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment:

Stack Monitoring Easy Onboarding process will create groups, users, and polices. For more information, see Service Requirements.

Step 1: Create or Designate a Compartment to Use

You can create a new compartment or use an existing one to install and configure the Stack Monitoring service. For information about compartments, see Managing Compartments.

When designating a monitoring compartment, make sure you use the same compartment for your agents as well as native OCI resources (e.g. Databases, Computes,...). For example if your EBS Instance (on OCI compute) and EBS Database are in different compartments, consider moving them to the same compartment if you want to see them in a single view. This will provide visibility to the entire stack.

Step 2: Install Management Agents

The Management Agent is a prerequisite for using the Stack Monitoring service. Users are expected to follow the appropriate Management Agent documentation.


For OCI Compute instances that leverage the OS Management Service (OSMS), as part of the on-boarding process, Stack Monitoring will create a policy to automatically enable the Management Agent.

For more information about agent installation for OCI Compute instances and on-premises hosts, see Perform Prerequisites for Deploying Management Agents.


The Stack Monitoring plug-in will automatically be enabled within the Management Agent during discovery and promotion.

Step 3: Enable the Stack Monitoring Service

To enable the Stack Monitoring service, from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console navigate to Stack Monitoring located under Observability and Management, Stack Monitoring. Select the compartment you wish to monitor, and click Enable Stack Monitoring. For more information on the steps completed during the on-boarding process, see Service Requirements.