AutoMLx - Automated Machine Learning with Explainability

The AutoMLx package provides advanced automated machine learning solutions and machine learning model explanations for tabular and text datasets.

The AutoML Pipeline automatically preprocesses, selects and engineers high-quality features in your dataset, which then given to an automatically chosen and optimized machine learning model.

The MLExplainer offers a wide variety of visual and interactive explanations including (local and global) feature importance, feature dependence and counterfactuals, thereby providing multi-facetted insights into what your (AutoMLx or scikit-learn-style) model has learned and whether or not you should trust it.

The fairness module offers tools to help you diagnose and understand the unintended bias present in your dataset and model so that you can make steps towards more inclusive and fair applications of machine learning.


OCI DS Conda Pack

AutoMLx is available in the OCI Data Science service in the AutoMLx conda pack.

Getting Started

Head to our Quick Start guide to see how you can get started with AutoMLx in a few lines of code.