Exception handling

When using the Python SDK, you should be prepared to handle the following exceptions:

Handling HTTP 3xx responses

As a result of the SDK treating responses with a non-2xx HTTP status as a ServiceError the SDK will throw a ServiceError on 3xx responses. This can impact operations which support conditional GETs, such as get_object() and head_object() methods as these can return responses with a HTTP status code of 304 if passed an if_none_match which corresponds to the curent etag of the object or bucket.

In order to account for this, you should catch ServiceError and check its status attribute for the HTTP status code. For example:

import oci

config = oci.config.from_file()
client = oci.object_storage.ObjectStorageClient(config)

    get_object_response = client.get_object('my_namespace', 'my_bucket', 'my_object', if_none_match='some_etag_value')
except oci.exceptions.ServiceError as e:
    if e.status == 304:
        # Object exists but has not been modified (based on the etag value)