The Python SDK uses Python’s logging module.

Loggers for the Python SDK are ordered hierarchically, with the top level being oci (or oraclebmc if you are using the legacy OracleBMC package).

Logger names are of the form <hierarchy>.<id> where the <hierarchy> is similar to oci.base_client and <id> is the result of Python’s built-in id() function. The implication of this is that different instances of the same class have different loggers.

The following code snippet is an example for configuring debug level logging for the oci package:

import oci
import logging

# Enable debug logging

# Rest of code ...

Request Logging

Request logging can be enabled for more detailed debugging information. Request logging outputs the requests that the Python SDK sends to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. This option can be enabled by setting the configuration attribute log_requests to True. Alternatively, request logging can be enabled in your configuration file. For example:

user = <user OCID>
fingerprint = <fingerprint>
key_file = <key file>
tenancy = <tenancy OCID>
region = us-ashburn-1
log_requests = True

Or programmatically, for example:

config = {
    "user": user_ocid,
    "key_file": key_file,
    "fingerprint": calc_fingerprint(key_file),
    "tenancy": testrunner.tenancy,
    "region": testrunner.region,
    "log_requests": True

Request logging enables debugging information in the Python http module. This debugging information can be quite verbose and the output will go to standard out. This http module does not use Python’s logging module, but can be enabled separately:

import oci

Note that http module logging is enabled/disabled as Request Logging enabled/disabled:

Once you have request logging in your config, you can create the appropriate logging handler(s) for your use case. For example to log to an output stream such as stderr you could do:

import oci
import logging

config = oci.config.from_file()
config['log_requests'] = True


client = oci.identity.IdentityClient(config)

# This call will emit log information to stderr

The oci module has logging at the following levels:

  • INFO: Request method and request URL
  • DEBUG: Request headers and body, and response headers

The raw response body is not logged.

Disable Logging

To disable particular client’s logging, just need to disable the corresponding logger

import oci
import logging
# Disable particular client logging
logger = logging.getLogger('oci.base_client.{}'.format(id(client.base_client)))
logger.disabled = True
# Need to manually disable http logging

To disable all Python SDK logging

import oci
import logging

# Disable logging
config['log_requests'] = False
client = oci.identity.IdentityClient(config)

# Rest of code ...