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Module Term

Full term definition. A defined business term in a business glossary. As well as a term definition, simple format rules for attributes mapping to the term (for example, the expected data type and length restrictions) may be stated at the term level. Nesting of terms to support a hierarchy is supported by default.


Optional associatedObjectCount

associatedObjectCount: undefined | number

The number of objects tagged with this term

Optional associatedObjects

associatedObjects: Array<TermAssociatedObject>

Array of objects associated to a term.

Optional createdById

createdById: undefined | string

OCID of the user who created the term.

Optional description

description: undefined | string

Detailed description of the term.

Optional displayName

displayName: undefined | string

A user-friendly display name. Does not have to be unique, and it's changeable. Avoid entering confidential information.

Optional glossaryKey

glossaryKey: undefined | string

Unique id of the parent glossary.

Optional isAllowedToHaveChildTerms

isAllowedToHaveChildTerms: undefined | false | true

Indicates whether a term may contain child terms.


key: string

Unique term key that is immutable.

Optional lifecycleState

lifecycleState: undefined | string

The current state of the term.

Optional owner

owner: undefined | string

OCID of the user who is the owner of this business terminology.

Optional parentTermKey

parentTermKey: undefined | string

This terms parent term key. Will be null if the term has no parent term.

Optional path

path: undefined | string

Absolute path of the term.

Optional timeCreated

timeCreated: Date

The date and time the term was created, in the format defined by RFC3339. Example: 2019-03-25T21:10:29.600Z

Optional timeUpdated

timeUpdated: Date

The last time that any change was made to the term. An RFC3339 formatted datetime string.

Optional updatedById

updatedById: undefined | string

OCID of the user who modified the term.

Optional uri

uri: undefined | string

URI to the term instance in the API.

Optional workflowStatus

workflowStatus: undefined | string

Status of the approval process workflow for this business term in the glossary.



  • getJsonObj(obj: Term): object