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Module ListTsigKeysRequest



compartmentId: string

The OCID of the compartment the resource belongs to.

Optional id

id: undefined | string

The OCID of a resource.

Optional lifecycleState

lifecycleState: undefined | string

The state of a resource.

Optional limit

limit: undefined | number

The maximum number of items to return in a page of the collection.

Optional name

name: undefined | string

The name of a resource.

Optional opcRequestId

opcRequestId: undefined | string

Unique Oracle-assigned identifier for the request. If you need to contact Oracle about a particular request, please provide the request ID.

Optional page

page: undefined | string

The value of the opc-next-page response header from the previous "List" call.

Optional sortBy

sortBy: SortBy

The field by which to sort TSIG keys. If unspecified, defaults to timeCreated.

Optional sortOrder

sortOrder: model.SortOrder

The order to sort the resources.