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Module SessionPersistenceConfigurationDetails

The configuration details for implementing session persistence based on a user-specified cookie name (application cookie stickiness).

Session persistence enables the Load Balancing service to direct any number of requests that originate from a single logical client to a single backend web server. For more information, see [Session Persistence](https://docs.cloud.oracle.com/Content/Balance/Reference/sessionpersistence.htm).

With application cookie stickiness, the load balancer enables session persistence only when the response from a backend application server includes a `Set-cookie` header with the user-specified cookie name.

To disable application cookie stickiness on a running load balancer, use the {@link #updateBackendSet(UpdateBackendSetRequest) updateBackendSet} operation and specify `null` for the `SessionPersistenceConfigurationDetails` object.

Example: `SessionPersistenceConfigurationDetails: null`

*Note:** `SessionPersistenceConfigurationDetails` (application cookie stickiness) and `LBCookieSessionPersistenceConfigurationDetails` (LB cookie stickiness) are mutually exclusive. An error results if you try to enable both types of session persistence.

*Warning:** Oracle recommends that you avoid using any confidential information when you supply string values using the API.





cookieName: string

The name of the cookie used to detect a session initiated by the backend server. Use '*' to specify that any cookie set by the backend causes the session to persist.

Example: `example_cookie`

Optional disableFallback

disableFallback: undefined | false | true

Whether the load balancer is prevented from directing traffic from a persistent session client to a different backend server if the original server is unavailable. Defaults to false.

Example: `false`