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Namespace ClusterSummary

The properties that define a cluster summary.


Optional availableKubernetesUpgrades

availableKubernetesUpgrades: Array<string>

Available Kubernetes versions to which the clusters masters may be upgraded.

Optional compartmentId

compartmentId: undefined | string

The OCID of the compartment in which the cluster exists.

Optional endpointConfig

endpointConfig: model.ClusterEndpointConfig

The network configuration for access to the Cluster control plane.

Optional endpoints

endpoints: model.ClusterEndpoints

Endpoints served up by the cluster masters.

Optional id

id: undefined | string

The OCID of the cluster.

Optional imagePolicyConfig

imagePolicyConfig: model.ImagePolicyConfig

The image verification policy for signature validation.

Optional kubernetesVersion

kubernetesVersion: undefined | string

The version of Kubernetes running on the cluster masters.

Optional lifecycleDetails

lifecycleDetails: undefined | string

Details about the state of the cluster masters.

Optional lifecycleState

lifecycleState: model.ClusterLifecycleState

The state of the cluster masters.

Optional metadata

metadata: model.ClusterMetadata

Metadata about the cluster.

Optional name

name: undefined | string

The name of the cluster.

Optional options

options: model.ClusterCreateOptions

Optional attributes for the cluster.

Optional vcnId

vcnId: undefined | string

The OCID of the virtual cloud network (VCN) in which the cluster exists