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Namespace ObjectSummary

To use any of the API operations, you must be authorized in an IAM policy. If you are not authorized, talk to an administrator. If you are an administrator who needs to write policies to give users access, see Getting Started with Policies.


Optional archivalState

archivalState: model.ArchivalState

Archival state of an object. This field is set only for objects in Archive tier.

Optional etag

etag: undefined | string

The current entity tag (ETag) for the object.

Optional md5

md5: undefined | string

Base64-encoded MD5 hash of the object data.


name: string

The name of the object. Avoid entering confidential information. Example: test/object1.log

Optional size

size: undefined | number

Size of the object in bytes. Note: Numbers greater than Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER will result in rounding issues.

Optional storageTier

storageTier: model.StorageTier

The storage tier that the object is stored in.

Optional timeCreated

timeCreated: Date

The date and time the object was created, as described in RFC 2616.

Optional timeModified

timeModified: Date

The date and time the object was modified, as described in RFC 2616, section 14.29.