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Interface StartOdaInstanceRequest


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Optional ifMatch

ifMatch: undefined | string

For optimistic concurrency control in a PUT or DELETE call for a Digital Assistant instance, set the if-match query parameter to the value of the ETAG header from a previous GET or POST response for that instance. The service updates or deletes the instance only if the etag that you provide matches the instance's current etag value.


odaInstanceId: string

Unique Digital Assistant instance identifier.

Optional opcRequestId

opcRequestId: undefined | string

The client request ID for tracing. This value is included in the opc-request-id response header.

Optional opcRetryToken

opcRetryToken: undefined | string

A token that uniquely identifies a request so that you can retry the request if there's a timeout or server error without the risk of executing that same action again.

Retry tokens expire after 24 hours, but they can become invalid before then if there are conflicting operations. For example, if an instance was deleted and purged from the system, then the service might reject a retry of the original creation request.

Optional retryConfiguration

retryConfiguration: RetryConfiguration

RetryConfiguration to be used for the request NOTE : Retries are not supported for requests that have binary or stream bodies this also affects UploadManager operations For all requests with binary/stream bodies, retry attempts are not made