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Namespace UpdateManagementSavedSearchDetails

Properties of a saved search. Saved search ID must not be provided.


Optional compartmentId

compartmentId: undefined | string

OCID of the compartment in which the saved search resides.

Optional dataConfig

dataConfig: Array<any>

Array of JSON that contain data source options.

Optional definedTags

definedTags: undefined | object

Defined tags for this resource. Each key is predefined and scoped to a namespace. Example: {\"foo-namespace\": {\"bar-key\": \"value\"}}

Optional description

description: undefined | string

Description of the saved search.

Optional displayName

displayName: undefined | string

Display name of the saved search.

Optional drilldownConfig

drilldownConfig: Array<any>

Drill-down configuration to define the destination of a drill-down action.

Optional freeformTags

freeformTags: undefined | object

Simple key-value pair that is applied without any predefined name, type or scope. Exists for cross-compatibility only. Example: {\"bar-key\": \"value\"}

Optional isOobSavedSearch

isOobSavedSearch: undefined | false | true

Determines whether the saved search is an Out-of-the-Box (OOB) saved search. Note that OOB saved searches are only provided by Oracle and cannot be modified.

Optional metadataVersion

metadataVersion: undefined | string

Version of the metadata.

Optional nls

nls: any

JSON that contains internationalization options.

Optional parametersConfig

parametersConfig: Array<any>

Defines parameters for the saved search.

Optional providerId

providerId: undefined | string

ID of the service (for example log-analytics) that owns the saved search. Each service has a unique ID.

Optional providerName

providerName: undefined | string

Name of the service (for example, Logging Analytics) that owns the saved search.

Optional providerVersion

providerVersion: undefined | string

Version of the service that owns this saved search.

Optional screenImage

screenImage: undefined | string

Screen image of the saved search.

Optional type

type: model.SavedSearchTypes

Determines how the saved search is displayed in a dashboard.

Optional uiConfig

uiConfig: any

JSON that contains user interface options.

Optional widgetTemplate

widgetTemplate: undefined | string

Reference to the HTML file of the widget.

Optional widgetVM

widgetVM: undefined | string

Reference to the view model of the widget.