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Namespace CreateEntityDetails

Properties used in data entity create operations.


Optional businessName

businessName: undefined | string

Optional user friendly business name of the data entity. If set, this supplements the harvested display name of the object.

Optional customPropertyMembers

customPropertyMembers: Array<CustomPropertySetUsage>

The list of customized properties along with the values for this object

Optional description

description: undefined | string

Detailed description of a data entity.


displayName: string

A user-friendly display name. Does not have to be unique, and it's changeable. Avoid entering confidential information.

Optional folderKey

folderKey: undefined | string

Key of the associated folder.

Optional harvestStatus

harvestStatus: model.HarvestStatus

Status of the object as updated by the harvest process. When an entity object is created , it's harvest status will indicate if the entity's metadata has been fully harvested or not. The harvest process can perform shallow harvesting to allow users to browse the metadata and can on-demand deep harvest on any object This requires a harvest status indicator for catalog objects.

Optional isLogical

isLogical: undefined | false | true

Property to indicate if the object is a physical materialized object or virtual. For example, View.

Optional isPartition

isPartition: undefined | false | true

Property to indicate if the object is a sub object of a parent physical object.

Optional lastJobKey

lastJobKey: undefined | string

Key of the last harvest process to update this object.

Optional patternKey

patternKey: undefined | string

Key of the associated pattern if this is a logical entity.

Optional properties

properties: undefined | object

A map of maps that contains the properties which are specific to the entity type. Each entity type definition defines it's set of required and optional properties. The map keys are category names and the values are maps of property name to property value. Every property is contained inside of a category. Most entities have required properties within the "default" category. To determine the set of required and optional properties for an entity type, a query can be done on '/types?type=dataEntity' that returns a collection of all entity types. The appropriate entity type, which includes definitions of all of it's properties, can be identified from this collection. Example: {\"properties\": { \"default\": { \"key1\": \"value1\"}}}

Optional realizedExpression

realizedExpression: undefined | string

The expression realized after resolving qualifiers . Used in deriving this logical entity


timeExternal: Date

Last modified timestamp of the object in the external system.