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Namespace CreateDataAssetFromAtp

Details for the Autonomous Transaction Processing data asset type.


Optional assetProperties

assetProperties: undefined | object

Additional properties for the data asset.

Optional autonomousDbId

autonomousDbId: undefined | string

Tha Autonomous Database Id

Optional compartmentId

compartmentId: undefined | string

The Autonomous Data Warehouse instance compartment Id.

Optional credentialFileContent

credentialFileContent: undefined | string

The credential file content from an Autonomous Transaction Processing wallet.

Optional defaultConnection

defaultConnection: model.CreateConnectionFromAtp

Optional description

description: undefined | string

User-defined description of the data asset.

Optional driverClass

driverClass: undefined | string

The Autonomous Transaction Processing driver class.

Optional externalKey

externalKey: undefined | string

The external key for the object.


identifier: string

Value can only contain upper case letters, underscore, and numbers. It should begin with upper case letter or underscore. The value can be modified.

Optional key

key: undefined | string

Currently not used on data asset creation. Reserved for future.

Const modelType

modelType: string = "ORACLE_ATP_DATA_ASSET"

Optional modelVersion

modelVersion: undefined | string

The model version of an object.


name: string

Free form text without any restriction on permitted characters. Name can have letters, numbers, and special characters. The value is editable and is restricted to 1000 characters.

Optional objectStatus

objectStatus: undefined | number

The status of an object that can be set to value 1 for shallow references across objects, other values reserved. Note: Numbers greater than Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER will result in rounding issues.

Optional regionId

regionId: undefined | string

The Autonomous Data Warehouse instance region Id.

Optional registryMetadata

registryMetadata: model.RegistryMetadata

Optional serviceName

serviceName: undefined | string

The Autonomous Transaction Processing instance service name.

Optional tenancyId

tenancyId: undefined | string

The Autonomous Data Warehouse instance tenancy Id.

Optional walletPasswordSecret

walletPasswordSecret: model.SensitiveAttribute

Optional walletSecret

walletSecret: model.SensitiveAttribute