10 Starting and Stopping EPM System Products

This chapter describes how to start and stop Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System services and applications and provides default URLs for EPM System clients.

Startup order:

  1. Start all databases used as repositories
  2. Start WebLogic Administration Server. See Starting and Stopping WebLogic Administration Server.


    WebLogic Administration Server must be running after configuration for the first time you start EPM System services. After the first EPM System services startup, the services will work and restart even if WebLogic Administration Server is not running or if it goes down.
  3. Start all EPM System services using a single start script. See Starting and Stopping EPM System Using a Single Script.

    There is no required start order for EPM System services with the exception of Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management.

    If you are using Financial Close Management, see the required service startup order in Financial Close Management Application Server.

  4. Start Node Manager and Oracle HTTP Server, if you are using Oracle HTTP Server as your web server. See Starting and Stopping Oracle HTTP Server.


If you selected Run Windows Services as non-local system account and specified a user name and password on the Configure Common Settings panel of EPM System Configurator, Windows services are started using the specified user name. If you do not specify a user name and password, EPM System Configurator creates Windows services using the local system account. Before you start the services, change them to use the appropriate domain account.