Downloading Help for Local or Web Server Installation

After installing Oracle Smart View for Office, the online help is retrieved from a URL hosted on the web site. This is the default behavior for Smart View, and no changes are required by users to launch help.

However, you may require that the help be installed locally or on a web server in your organization. Some examples for the need to access help from a location other than are:

  • Help files must be installed on a local drive on an individual's computer for Section 508 accessibility purposes.

  • Internet access limitations; for example, your users only have access to URLs on your organization's intranet.

To accommodate the above types of cases, a downloadable help zip file is posted on My Oracle Support as a patch to the current Smart View release.

The procedure below describes downloading the help zip file. Further instructions for installation and configuration are in the following guides:

To download the Smart View help zip file from My Oracle Support (MOS):

  1. Log in to MOS.
  2. Select the Patches & Updates tab.

    The Patch Search area is displayed at the right of the screen with the Search tab selected by default.

  3. Under the Number/Name or Bug Number (Simple) heading, ensure that Patch Name or Number is selected in the drop-down list box.
  4. In the Patch Search text box, type this Smart View patch number:

    The Patch Search text box is to the right of the Patch Name or Number drop-down list box.

  5. Click Search.
  6. Download the patch zip file to a temporary directory.
  7. To install and configure the help according to your requirements, follow the instructions in either of the following guides: