Managing UDO Feature Security

UDO features are not available in EnterpriseOne until you activate the features through the Revise Feature Enablement form in Security Workbench.

To activate or deactivate UDO features:

  1. On Work With User/Role Security in the Security Workbench (P00950), select the Form menu, Feature Security.

  2. On Revise Feature Enablement, select the row for the UDO feature you want to activate or deactivate.

  3. In the Access column, click the icon to toggle the status to active or inactive.

    If the green circle is displayed in the Access column, the feature is active. If the red square is displayed, the feature is inactive. Also, you can hover your cursor over the icon to display the status in text.

Important: When you change the status of a UDO feature to active or inactive, EnterpriseOne displays a message reminding you to clear security cache for the changes to take effect. Security cache must be cleared on the EnterpriseOne HTML Server (JAS Server). You can clear this cache using Server Manager.