Understanding the VMI Account Manager UX One Role

The VMI Account Manager role, and the associated UX One pages and components, enable you to manage and monitor vendor-managed inventory (VMI) stock levels through real-time visibility to inventory data.

The VMI Account Manager is responsible for monitoring the target and current stock levels at the customer's warehouse regularly to ensure that every item reaches its destination on time and there are no inventory shortages. Other responsibilities of the VMI Account Manager include creating and updating replenishment schedules, identifying dead inventory at the customer's location, and initiating replenishment of stock, if required.

You can use the VMI Account Manager role to monitor and evaluate the inventory stock levels at the customer's warehouse. You can analyze the inventory consumption patterns to forecast supply and demand, and review the distribution of consigned inventory. Additionally, you can take any necessary action by accessing related applications.


The information provided for you in this documentation describes a specific UX One role, and the associated pages and components, that were delivered.

You can use these role, pages, components, queries, grid formats, and form layouts as they are delivered, or you can modify them to more closely meet the requirements of your organization.

See Understanding UX One Roles.