About Bring Your Own License Subscriptions

If you’ve existing Oracle software licenses for services such as Oracle Database, Oracle Middleware, or Oracle Analytics, you can reuse them when subscribing to Oracle Platform Cloud Services (Oracle PaaS). This is called Bring Your Own License (BYOL).

With BYOL, you can leverage existing software licenses for Oracle PaaS at a lower cost. For example, if you have purchased a perpetual license for Oracle Database Standard Edition earlier, then you can use the same when you buy Database Standard Package with BYOL pricing. This enables you to get a discounted price for your services. Oracle BYOL to PaaS includes Compute and Compute support along with automation.

You continue to get the same license support (that you had for your existing licenses) and contract when you buy Oracle PaaS with BYOL pricing. This flexible licensing allows you to move between your on-premises and cloud services with ease.

How do You Use Your BYOL for Oracle PaaS?

When you have an existing Oracle software license and you want to use it on Oracle Cloud, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Select specific Oracle BYOL options in the Cost Estimator to get your BYOL pricing.

  • Apply your BYOL pricing to individual cloud service instances when creating a new instance of your PaaS service. BYOL is the default licensing option during instance creation for all services that support it. For example, when creating a new instance of Oracle Database Cloud Service using the QuickStarts wizard, BYOL option is automatically applied.

See Estimate Your Monthly Cost and Create a Service Instance from Infrastructure Classic Console.

For a list of cloud services that support BYOL, search for BYOL in the Universal Credits Service Descriptions Document.

For more information, see BYOL Overview video and Frequently Asked Questions.