Create an Instance

You can provision Oracle Cloud Applications from the Applications Console dashboard so that your users can start using these services. When you log in to Applications Console, a message on the dashboard indicates the number of services to be configured. To configure, you must create instances for each of the Oracle Cloud Applications in your account. For example, you can create stage and production instances for Oracle HCM Cloud or Oracle ERP Cloud so that your users can use these services.

  • Identify if you want to provision your services on a single Oracle Cloud Applications instance or if you want to provision each service on a separate Oracle Cloud Applications instance. See Plan Your Environment.
  • To complete this task you must have one of the following roles assigned:
    • Cloud Account Administrator

    • Entitlement Administrator

    • Service Administrator

    • Identity Domain Administrator

To create an instance:
  1. Access the Create Instance wizard in one of the following ways:
    • Click the Activate Your Services link in the welcome email that you have received. This is the email which contains your account credentials.
    • Sign in to Applications Console Dashboard, and then open the Create Instance Wizard.
      1. In the Applications Console Dashboard, click Create Instance.
      2. Select the entitlement you want to provision. If you have multiple entitlement types, select any one of them. For example, HCM, CRM, or ERP.
      3. Click Create to create a new instance of the selected service.
    The order details are displayed in the Choose Services to Activate page in the Create Instance wizard.
  2. Check the order details. Ensure that you have selected check boxes only for the service or entitlements that you want to provision, and then click Next.
    All the services that are selected on this page will be provisioned together on a single Oracle Cloud Applications instance, which allows the services to be associated and share resources. If you want your services to be provisioned on different Oracle Cloud Applications instances, clear the check box for the service that you want to provision on a separate instance.
  3. Verify that you are using the correct cloud account to activate the service instances in the Cloud Account page, and then click Next.
    Services that you create in a cloud account are accessible only to the users and instances within the account.
  4. Add services to a new instance or an existing instance in the Add Services to page.
    • Existing Instance: Select Existing Instance to add services or entitlements to an existing instance, and then select the name of the existing instance from the drop-down list.

      This option appears only when you have previously provisioned one or more Oracle Cloud Applications instances.

    • New Instance: Select New Instance to create a standalone Oracle Cloud Applications instance.

      This is selected for you by default if you don't have any existing Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle ERP Cloud, or Oracle CRM Cloud instances.

  5. Click Next. One of the following pages will appear based on your selection in the Add Services to page.
    • If you have selected Existing Instance, the Configure Service on Existing Instance page appears. Review information on this page. You can't change any information on this page.
    • If you have selected New Instance, the Configure New Instance page appears. Specify the following information in the Configure New Instance page:

      • Data Center: Select the data center where you want the new instance to be provisioned.
      • Version: Select the version of the new instance that you want to provision.

        If you want to create an instance with a version that is not on the list, contact My Oracle Support or click Live Chat button in the bottom right side of your screen to chat with an Oracle support personnel. In such a scenario, you'll not use the create instance wizard to create your instance. Work with Oracle Support personnel to create an instance based on your requirements.

      • Additional Language packs to add: English is activated by default. Select the other languages that you want to activate on your instance.

        You can also activate additional languages later. Languages that you select override the languages that you had specified in the sales order.

  6. Click Next.
    The Review Your Settings page appears.
  7. Review all the options that you have specified for the service instances that you want to create, and then click Complete.

The instance may take a while to be created. As soon as the instances are created, you will receive an email with your service instance details so that you can start using your Oracle Cloud Applications.

Ready and active instances are indicated in green color on the Applications Console dashboard. Service instances are listed on the service details page. Click the service name from the Applications Console dashboard to view the details. See Viewing Service Details in Managing and Monitoring Oracle Cloud.