Create an Additional Test Environment

After provisioning production and stage instances, you can provision additional test instances for the services you have ordered. By default, your additional test environment is created in the data center that hosts your production environment. It is not provisioned on the Oracle Cloud Applications instance that hosts your production environment, but it is provisioned as a blank environment in a separate Oracle Cloud Applications instance.

To create an additional test environment:
  1. Sign in to Applications Console.
  2. In the Applications Console Dashboard, click Create Instance.
  3. In the Test Environment tile, click Create to create a new instance of the selected service.
    The order details are displayed in the Choose Services to Activate page.
  4. Check the order details. Ensure that you have selected check box only for the test environment that you want to provision, and then click Next.
    The Cloud Account page appears.
  5. Verify that you are using the correct cloud account to activate the service instances, and then click Next.
    Services that you create in a cloud account are accessible only to the users and instances within the account.
  6. Specify the following information in the Additional Test Environment page, and then click Next.
    • Production Instance: Select the production instance for which you want to create a test environment.
    • ATE Release Version: Select the release version for the test environment. If options are not available in the drop-down list, the test environment is created with the same version as the production environment.
  7. On the Review Your Settings page, review all the options that you have specified for the test environment that you want to create.
  8. Click Complete.

The instance may take a while to be created. As soon as the instance is created, you will receive an email with your service instance details so that you can start using your Oracle Cloud Applications.

Ready and active instances are indicated in green color on the Applications Console dashboard. Service instances are listed on the service details page. Click the service name from the Applications Console dashboard to view the details. See Viewing Service Details in Managing and Monitoring Oracle Cloud.