Sign In to Oracle Cloud For the First Time

After you sign up for the free Oracle Cloud promotion or sign up for a paid account, you’ll get a welcome email. The email provides you with your cloud account details and sign in credentials.

  1. Open the welcome email and scroll down to the Access Details section.
  2. Note the user name and password, and then click Access your Cloud Services.
  3. Enter the user name and temporary password from the welcome email and click Sign In.
  4. You’ll be prompted to change your password the first time you sign in.

    You'll be directed to a console depending on how you signed up for Oracle Cloud.

    • If you have subscribed to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Platform services, you'll be directed to Infrastructure Console or Infrastructure Classic Console. If you see Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic at the top of the page, then you are using the Infrastructure Classic Console, otherwise you are using the Infrastructure Console.

    • If you've subscribed to Oracle Cloud Applications, you'll be directed to Applications Console.

If you're directed to the Infrastructure Classic Console or Applications Console, see Navigate to Your Cloud Services.

If you're directed to the Infrastructure Console, see Using the Console in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation. Refer to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation for the next steps that you have to perform.