Check Your Account Balance and Usage Summary

You can view the up-to-date, estimated account balance details of your services or subscriptions in the Infrastructure Classic Console.

To view your account balance details, click the Manage Account tile on the Infrastructure Classic Console, and then click the Usage tab.

The Usage tab displays the aggregated usage charges for individual services along with resource utilization and overages, if any. Select the category you want to view from the account type (Promotion, Monthly Flex) drop-down list. You’ll see the following sections:
  • Usage Period: Select a date range from the calendar to view usage details for that period. Date and time are displayed based on your time zone preferences. Usage charges and the currency are displayed for the selected date range. Overages, credit balance, expiry are also displayed if applicable.

    For monthly flex, this section displays the monthly recurring prepaid subscription details along with the monthly usage and overage charges (if any). The active monthly billing period is displayed by default.

    Use the Scope filter to view billing details pertaining to your Cloud Account, your primary data region, or extended data regions.
    • Select Cloud Account to view aggregated billing details of services across all data regions within the Cloud Account.

    • Select the primary data region to view billing details of all services in that region. This is your logged-in data region.

    • Select an extended data region to view the account details of that region from your logged-in primary region. For example, you can view details of your extended region APAC from your primary region North America.

  • Usage Summary: This section provides details of all the resources in the service category, their usage quantity, charges and overages if any. Expand the service category to see the details. For cloud promotions, this section displays credits used and the remaining balance for the services in your promotion.

    Note that you can filter the usage summary by using tags. These tags are shown in key=value pairs. For example, OCIService=Database. Click the Filter by tags text box to select one or more tags as required. Usage summary is filtered based on all the tags you select. .

Note: The estimated usage shown on the Account Management page is updated periodically and may not include all of your actual usage. Be sure to view your monthly invoice for your actual monthly payment amounts. See Viewing Your Subscription Invoice. .