Enabling Oracle Support to Troubleshoot Customer Issues

An Oracle customer can allow Oracle support representatives read-only access to the customer’s view of the My Account application for troubleshooting purposes.

You use the Permissions tab in My Account to approve, reject, or revoke access rights. Oracle representatives are provided only read-only access to your view of the My Account application after you approve their access request. The Permissions tab appears in your My Account view only after an Oracle representative requests access rights to you My Account.

When an Oracle support representative requests access rights, you’ll receive an email with the subject “A permission request requires approval”. The email contains the requestor details and an Approve or reject button. Clicking Approve or reject opens the My Account application with the Permissions tab enabled.

You can also directly sign in to My Account and use the Permissions tab to process the access request.

To process an access request:
  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. Click the Permissions tab.
    The Permissions page opens. By default, the page displays a list of all the requests that you’ve received.
    You can filter the requests based on status by clicking Show button and then selecting from the following options:
    • Pending Approval: Requests that are yet to be approved or rejected

    • Approved: Requests that have been approved

    • Expired: Requests that are no longer active

    • Rejected: Requests that have been rejected

    • Revoked: Requests that were previously approved and then revoked later

  3. Navigate to the specific request.
  4. Click either of the following based on your requirement.
    • Approve

      Clicking Approve displays an Approve Request dialog box where you need to provide a justification for your action. In addition, you need to specify the From and To dates during which the Oracle support representative will have access rights. The From and To dates are based on your time zone preference. Clicking Approve in the dialog box grants access rights and closes the dialog box.


      In the Approve Request dialog box, you can’t:

      • Specify a From value that occurs after date specified in To field

      • Specify a From value that is before the current date

      If you:
      • Accept the default (which is today) or you don’t specify any value in the From field, then the request is approved starting from the current date and time.

      • Specify a future date in the From field, then request is approved starting from midnight on the specified date.

      The end time for the To date value is always be 23:59:59.

    • Reject

      Clicking Reject displays a Reject Request dialog box where you provide a justification for your action. Clicking Reject in the dialog box rejects the request and closes the dialog box.

Oracle Cloud sends an email to the requestor with the request status.


You can also revoke permissions on an approved request by navigating to the request and clicking Revoke.