Managing Your Orders for Paid Subscriptions to Oracle Cloud Services

To open the My Account Orders page, sign in to My Account and click Orders.

Use the My Account Orders page to view information about all your purchase orders for paid subscriptions to Oracle Cloud services. In addition, use this page to activate the paid subscription for a service.

What You Can Do from the My Account Orders Page

The following table highlights what you can do from the Orders page.

Tool Description

Show menu

Use the options on the Show menu to display all your orders or only those orders that satisfy the criteria you select from the menu.

Activate button

Click Activate to make one or more services in the order active for use.

The Activate button is displayed only if the order has at least one service that needs to be activated.

Buy Services button

Click Buy Services to navigate to Oracle Store and purchase subscriptions to Oracle SaaS applications or Oracle PaaS services.

Service Details link

Click the service name to open the details page for the service. See Viewing Service Details in My Account.

Note that the Activated Subscriptions field displays the names of the services in this purchase order that are active and ready to use. The Orders page doesn’t display the field until at least one service in the order is active.

View Contract link

Click the View Contract link to view the contract details for the services in an order. You can open or save the PDF file.

The View Contract link doesn’t appear on the Orders page until all the services in an order are active.

What You See on the My Account Orders Page

The Orders page displays the following information for each purchase order.

Field Description

Order ID

Identification number for this purchase order. Refer to the Order ID whenever you contact Oracle about billing or payment issues.


Email address of the person who placed the purchase order.

Buyers have an account with the Oracle Store. Buyers can purchase services, change an existing paid subscription to a higher level, and terminate a paid subscription. Contact the buyer if you need additional services or changes to your current services.

Sold to Customer

Name of the customer account.

Services Ordered

Services included in this purchase order. The following format defines each service ordered:


For example: Oracle Database Cloud Service – S5

An order can have one or more services. A comma separates each service in the list. If the list is longer than the display area, hover the cursor over the list to view the entire list.

Activated Subscriptions

Names of the services in this order that are active and ready to use. Click the name to open the details page for the service.

One, some, or all the services in this order may be active. A comma separates each service in the list. The Status field shows the current status of the order.

Note that:

  • The Activated Subscriptions field isn’t displayed until at least one service in the order is active and ready to use.

  • When all the services in the order are active, a View Contract link is displayed below the Activated Subscriptions field. Click the link to view or save a PDF version of your service contract.

  • Services that are pending activation (that is, waiting for the account administrator to activate the service) or in the process of being activated (that is, Oracle is processing the activation request) aren’t displayed in the Activated Subscriptions list.


Current status of the entire order.

If an order has more than one service, then the order status is determined as follows:

  • If any service in the order is pending activation, the order status is Pending Activation.

  • After all the services in the order have been activated successfully, the order status is Activated.

Note: When you activate a paid service in new domain that has an associated Oracle Developer Cloud service, the Activation in progress status is displayed for this implicit Developer order until the Oracle Developer Cloud service is active. When the order status is unknown, Oracle Cloud doesn’t display any value for the Status field.

Order Date

Date (dd-mmm-yyyy) and time that the buyer submitted the purchase order.

Data Center

Name of the Oracle data center where the services in this order are located.

CSI Number

Customer Support Identifier number. Refer to this number whenever you contact Oracle Support for technical assistance with the services in this order.