Resending Welcome Email with Administrator Sign-in Credentials

If a service administrator or an identity domain administrator inadvertently deleted the original Welcome email that included information about accessing Infrastructure Classic Console or Applications Console, you can request Oracle Cloud to send the email to the administrator again.

This option is useful if the administrator has not signed in yet and has not changed the temporary password.

Welcome email messages for the last 60 days are available for resending.

To resend the Welcome email:
  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. Navigate to the service for which you want to resend the original Welcome email.
  3. Click Action icon Action next to the service and select Resend Welcome Email.
  4. Select the administrators to whom you want to resend the welcome email.
  5. Click Resend.

Oracle Cloud sends the original email with the original sign-in credentials and URLs. The original email, which was sent when the service was provisioned, included sign-in credentials and access information specific to the service administrator role or the identity domain administrator role.

Note that administrators may have changed their credentials since receiving the original email. If an administrator knows all the access information but has forgotten his or her password, then see Managing Your Profile and Resetting User Passwords.