2 Exploring the My Services Dashboard

Use the My Services Dashboard page to check the overall status of your purchased services and manage your accounts or subscriptions.


Based on the data center location of the subscribed services, the information displayed in My Services may vary.

The Identity Domain list displays the logged-in Cloud Account or identity domain name. If entitled, you can also select other cloud accounts, extended accounts, or identity domains from the Identity Domain list. Identity domains (traditional cloud accounts) in the list are indicated by the term (traditional). If your subscription is extended to another region, the cloud account name is suffixed with the region name. For example, cloudcm23–APAC.

You can switch between your accounts by selecting an account from the Identity Domainlist. For example, you can switch between a traditional cloud account (identity domain) and a cloud account with Identity Cloud Service. The table below summarizes the differences in the dashboard view and service access when you switch accounts.

Cloud Account with Identity Cloud Service Traditional Cloud Account (Identity Domain)

View all services in this account and the traditional account.

View services in this account only, not the ones in the Cloud Account with Identity Cloud Service.

Limited access to the services in the traditional account. You must switch to traditional account to create service instances.

No access to services in Cloud Account with Identity Cloud Service.

The bell icon Notification icon displays important notifications, if any, at the top of the page. This is known as the Message Center and indicates important messages for the selected domain or account. If you switch to another domain, then another bell icon appears and displays important messages pertaining to that domain.

Message summaries, if any, are automatically displayed in a pop-up window. These messages include notifications or alerts such as security alerts, ongoing quota breaches, ongoing or planned outages, alerts related to order management (pending approvals or activation), promotions, or upcoming scheduled maintenance requests.

Maintenance reservation alerts are also displayed for services such as Compute, Cloud Infrastructure Container Service Classic, Database Cloud as a Service, Database Backup Cloud Service, Golden Gate Cloud Service, MYSQL Cloud Service, Java Cloud as a Service, Application Platform as a Service, SOA, and Identity Cloud Service.

Click More Info.. for details on a specific message. Click Show All Important Messages to display previously hidden messages, if any. Click Go to Notifications to open the Notifications list page.

The dashboard is divided into the following sections: