Setting Up Application Archiving

Application archiving is available for Oracle Database Schema Cloud service only. Use it to configure automatic backups.

Modifications to your Oracle Application Express applications can be archived to tables in your database schema. Applications that belong to Oracle Database Cloud Services with automatic archiving enabled are archived when they are created and when they are changed. The APEX Application Archive packaged application is used to manually archive applications and to view, manage, and restore application archives.

To set up application archiving:
  1. Sign in to Applications Console or Infrastructure Classic Console.
    Sign in to the Applications Console if you want to work with Oracle Cloud Applications. Sign in to Infrastructure Classic Console if you want to access Oracle Cloud infrastructure and platform services. If you see Infrastructure Classic at the top of the page when you sign in to Oracle Cloud, then you are using Infrastructure Classic Console and your subscription does not support access to the Infrastructure Console.
  2. Navigate to the Oracle Database Schema Cloud Service for which you want to set up application archiving.
  3. Click the service name to open the details page for the service.
  4. Click the Administration tile. The Application Archiving section displays the current status.
  5. Enable or disable application archiving.

See Application Archiving in Using Oracle Database Cloud Service.