Viewing and Managing Subscriptions

If you’re a cloud account administrator to any of the subscriptions in your account, then you can view details of your subscriptions.

Click the Manage Account tile in the Infrastructure Classic Console or Applications Console, and then select the Account Management tab to view your subscription details.

Details of your subscriptions are categorized into sections such as Cloud Promotions, or List Price Services. Each section displays subscription ID of the category, Order number, billing method used for the purchase, start date and end date (where applicable). If payment information isn’t available for a subscription, the Billing Method column shows Not Available .

Expand the service category in the relevant sections to see the subscription details such as the following:

  • A list of services or entitlements within the selected subscription category. For example, selecting IaaS displays all the entitlements within it such as Compute Classic and Storage Classic.

  • Buyer information.

  • Data region that the service is enabled in. For example, North America, EMEA.