About FastConnect Classic

Use FastConnect Classic to access your Oracle Cloud services using a direct connection from your premises or colocation facilities. When you use this service, your network traffic is routed over a direct and deterministic path from your network to the Oracle Cloud services in the locations where you establish this connectivity, so your data is not transported over the public Internet. This service delivers consistent performance, provides dedicated bandwidth, and renders controlled or reduced latency.

Use FastConnect Classic to access your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Classic services. To access your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect. See the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect guide.

Using FastConnect Classic to establish a connection from your premises to Oracle Cloud allows you to:
  • Access your instances through an overlay-based direct connection. Transferring data over a direct connection provides better privacy.

  • Transfer large volumes of data using high WAN bandwidth. Migrating your Internet traffic to a dedicated path improves the overall performance of your network and significantly reduces the time taken to complete data transfers.

You can establish a connection in one of the following ways:

  • By using Direct Cross Connects. Previously called Standard Edition service model, you can provision cross connects to the Oracle edge routers if your data center is colocated with the Oracle data center at a FastConnect location or if you can connect to the Oracle data center using a private link. See Connecting through Direct Cross Connects.
  • By connecting through an Oracle FastConnect Partner. Previously called Partner Edition service model, you can connect through an Oracle FastConnect Partner such as an IP VPN or MPLS VPN network service provider or data center exchange provider. SeeConnecting through an Oracle FastConnect Partner.


  • Standard routing: Leverages the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to manage the exchange of routes between Oracle Cloud and your DMZ or public-facing network.

  • Public and private peering: Advertise public and private IP prefixes over the peering established with FastConnect Classic edge routers. See Peering Types.

  • Dedicated bandwidth: Access your Oracle Cloud services, as well as transfer large volumes of data between your private clouds and the Oracle Cloud, over a dedicated data connection. The entire assigned bandwidth is available exclusively for your use.